Wicked rehearsal pics are my life force


Rose Embroidered Ball Gown, ca. 1905

Raudnitz and Co., Huet and Chéruit

via The Met

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alone at last…

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this is still the best shirt i’ve ever owned

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Top 10 Favorite Musicals  Chicago ⊰7/10⊱ 

"I’m a star!
And the audience loves me!
And I love them,
And they love me for loving them,
And I love them for loving me,
And we love each other.
And that’s because none of us
Got enough love in our childhoods.
And that’s showbiz, Kid”.

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get to know me memefavorite relationships: 1/5

Sibella / Monty / Phoebe

"This is quite unconventional—is it not?"

the lighting in my room is consistently horrible

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ashley tisdale, jerry trainor, and patrick swayze onstage together
2001 was a weird year


when I enter a room

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